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We specialize in providing effective marketing solutions tailored to your business needs. Our owner run events ensure personalized attention and exceptional results.


About Us

Sales Direct is the nation’s superior Staffed Event Company.

The sole mission of our company is to take your dealership to the next level, by generating and maintaining consistent results. We do this by ensuring three keys to success; training, professionalism, and executing proven techniques.

We believe our results are about much more than just selling cars and generating additional gross profit, they are also about maintaining our clients’ great reputation within their community while keeping their customers happy.

Our Services:

Full Staffed Events

Director Events

Hybrid Director Events

Car Buying Events

Saturation Direct Mail 

Targeted Direct Mail



Our Benefits


High Re-sign Rates

Our clients regularly invite us back based on the conquest business we have produced for their dealership


Proven Effective Method

We have set the benchmark for developing and utilizing the most effective, ground- breaking marketing and advertising strategies in the Automotive Industry.


Professional Sales Team

Our sales team will integrate seamlessly with yours. Our management team will conduct effective sales training and reinforce the basic fundamentals of selling so critical in today’s market.


High Energy Creators

which translates into very high commissions for your sales reps and managers.


Measurable Results

achieve one of your strongest R.O.I’s, and execute an iron clad process to boost sales volume and gross profit!



Super Sales

Double the deals and increase profit with Guaranteed results. Sell more units during this 8-day event and make your month the BIGGEST on the books to date!⁣⁣
🙎‍♀️Deskman/2 Closers and 5-10 Seasoned Sales Professionals.⁣⁣
- 3-week turn⁣⁣
- Ad Budgets from $20K - $50K depending on the length of sale and units on the ground⁣⁣
- Dealership approves all deals⁣⁣
-We have handled staffed events for some of the largest auto groups in the country⁣⁣ generating 10's of millions for our clients!
After all expenses, you will be left with $2,000 to $3,000 MORE💸 per copy with 35-60 units delivered in just 6 days depending on used car inventory with a minimum of 60 units for a MONSTER WEEK!⁣⁣
Ask us about our guarantee***

Targeted/Data Base Direct Mail

Customer base "CALL TO ACTION" generating a 1 for 1 Event. Keeping your lot filled with retail trades while producing car deals and gross profit!🚘💸⁣

10K Piece Database Direct Mail Campaign (Suggested to run over a Thursday - Saturday OR Friday - Sunday to see your best results!⁣

- Scrubbed Customer Data to filter out any duplicates as well as any customers who have purchased in the last 3 years.⁣

- 1st Class postage to expedite delivery which boosts your open rate and response rate!⁣

- For a HUGE event add our Gifts/Grand Prize of $30K Cash or $30K Vehicle!⁣

- Add a director @ $1,000 per day to truly see the full potential!

                     Director Events


Our hybrid director events meets our dealers halfway with the dealerships deskman handling all bank calls , submissions , call on every deal! We bring our quantified event direct mail, sales process along with our indurstries strongest Closers , sales professionals and the best greeter & gift seekers never know what hit them! 

With our sales team your sales force can sit back and work their book business, your normal walk-in traffic OR work a flyer up! It's your call as we can your personal exponentail growth team for 3-5 days!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Sales Direct help my business?

Sales Direct can help your business by creating marketing strategies tailored to your specific goals and target audience. Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your business needs and develop a comprehensive plan to boost your sales for New & Pre-Owned.

What sets Sales Direcct apart from other marketing agencies?

What sets Sales Direct apart is our owner run events. This ensures personalized attention, dedication, and exceptional results. With us, you get the advantage of working directly with the decision-makers, allowing for efficient communication and implementation of strategies.

Do you offer customized marketing solutions for different industries?

Yes, we understand that each industry has unique requirements. That's why we offer customized marketing solutions for different industries. Our team of experts is experienced in various sectors and can tailor strategies to suit your specific industry.

What makes Sales Direct Super Sales so successful?

Super sales combine the power of our custom designed saturation direct mail campaigns with the unparalled skill , talent, and experience of our owner run sales teams. We use income filters to maximize our direct mail response rate and ensuring the customers can afford a new vehicle.

“salesdirect has revolutionized our marketing approach. Their innovative strategies have significantly increased our sales and brand visibility. We highly recommend their services.”

— John Smith

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About us

At Salesdirect, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their sales goals through strategic marketing initiatives. With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional results. We take pride in our owner run events, which enable us to provide personalized attention to each client. By understanding your unique business requirements, we develop and implement innovative marketing strategies that maximize your ROI. Trust Salesdirect to boost your sales and take your business to new heights.